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Sep 03, 2023

25 Humble Honey Bee Activities For Kids

March 22, 2023 // by Keren Dinkin Honeybees are fascinating and even fearsome

March 22, 2023 // by Keren Dinkin

Honeybees are fascinating and even fearsome creatures. It's not uncommon to hear children screaming and running at the slightest buzz of a bee. However, we want to turn this fear into awe as we help our kiddos learn interesting bee facts. With this collection of 25 engaging activities, they’ll learn how these tiny insects are able to produce so much honey and what their role is in pollination. Keep reading to learn more!

Worksheets are perfect for end-of-lesson consolidation or for introducing a topic. This collection includes coloring pages, simple counting, spot-the-difference activities, maze solving, and more!

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Have your students cut bubble wrap in the shape of a beehive. Then, ask them to paint it yellow and stamp it on white craft paper. They’ll need to make a door from brown paper and stick it on the beehive. Next, have them paint their thumbs yellow and stamp them around the beehive to create bees.

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This hands-on bee activity is excellent for developing motor skills. Select long, oval rocks and give one to each kid. Ask them to paint it yellow, wrap back yarn around it, and secure both ends with hot glue. They can then stick on paper wings, googly eyes, and a small black paper stinger to finish it off.

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Ask kids to trace their hands with a pencil on a piece of yellow cardstock. Have them create black stripes on the fingers and cut out the hand. They can then make triangular wings from white paper and use a pipe cleaner to create the antenna. Finally, have them glue an ice cream stick and googly eyes before adding a smile.

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Give each child a 2-3 inch yellow card paper strip and ask them to add a black band in the middle. Staple the ends to form a headband the size of the kid's head. Use black pipe cleaners and yellow pom poms to form antennae.

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Ask kids to dip a round potato masher in yellow paint and stamp it on craft paper. Have them add googly eyes before the paint dries. They can then draw black stripes and add a stinger using a q-tip. Once they add paper wings to either side, the bee is ready to fly!

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To make these adorable bees, have your learners begin by painting popsicle sticks black and yellow. They can then lay them out and glue them together to form a striped pattern. To round off the craft, learners can then glue on antennae, wings, and googly eyes before painting a smiling mouth.

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Learners can paint black stripes on a yellow paper bag. Then, they’ll cut doilies to make wings, add pipe cleaner antennae, and add googly eyes to complete this sweet bee.

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Print the template and ask kids to stamp yellow-painted bubble wrap on the beehive part. Then, they can cut out all the shapes and assemble their bees. Have them form an accordion with two long strips of paper and stick one end to the paper and another to the bee to create bobbing bees.

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Print the template and ask your students to cut the pieces. Ask them to paint a paper plate yellow with black stripes. Have them attach the eyes, stinger, antennae, and wings, and add a smile with a black marker.

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Follow this easy tutorial and help kids make their own bees. Ask them to draw a circle for the head and an oval-shaped body and add stripes. They can add two pairs of wings, antennae, and a sting to finish.

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For this fun craft, your kiddos can cover a toilet roll with black paper. To create stripes, they’ll glue on black ribbon or paper. They can then draw eyes and a mouth, attach black paper strips to make antennae, and stick wings on to finish it off.

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Ask kids to cut two cardstock circles; a 3-inch circle for the body and a 2.5-inch circle for the head. They can then draw black stripes on the body circle and punch out ¾ inch circles at the bottom. They can add features like wings, eyes, and antennae with paper, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners.

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Help kids make a queen bee and several worker honeybees using a yellow pom pom, paper wings, chenille stems, and googly eyes. Then, ask them to stick the bees on clothespins. Learners can then peg their bees to number cards to develop their number recognition and counting skills.

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Teaching kids about the life cycle of a bee with this printable will make it easy to understand and remember. Have them simply cut and paste the images in the order that they would naturally occur.

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Make way for some book fun by preparing a book list for your kiddos. If you’re looking for books about bees for your class reading sessions, try these lovely books—The Bee Tree, Honey In A Hive, The Life And Times Of A Honeybee, and Bee And A Wasp.

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Let kids watch you make a batch of honey play dough from flour, honey, salt, cream of tartar, vegetable oil, and boiling water. Teach preschoolers about bees as they play with the dough.

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Sing a honey bee song with children when you introduce them to the topic. Talk to them about the amazing insects that honey bees are and introduce them to their beehives and habits!

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Download the printable sheets and laminate them. Cut them into 52 alphabet cards—26 bee cards with lowercase letters and 26 flower cards with uppercase letters. Have your students then develop their literacy skills by matching the letters.

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This is one of the best activities for Spring! Help your learners make a simple water station so the bees can drink water when thirsty. Have them fill a bowl with a little water and add stones. The water level should be below the stones so that the bees can sit safely and drink.

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Help your students make a bee-themed sensory bin with a variety of materials. For a sand-filled sensory table, the sensory table materials will include black and yellow water beads and yellow sand. For a soft pom-pom sensory bin, the learners can use yellow pom-poms, artificial flowers, buttons, and bee toys.

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Organize a bee scavenger hunt for your class! Hide the bees around the classroom or playground and challenge your learners to find them all.

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Kids will have the opportunity to taste different honey. Share some bee facts as they taste.

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To recreate this activity, you will need borax, glue, food coloring, and glitter. Ask kids to add glitter, sequins, and bee buttons to make bee slime. They can then play with it and enjoy a brain break between learning.

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Cut a potato in half and cut one half into two small pieces. Instruct your kiddos to dip the quarter pieces in black paint and carve a rectangle in the half potato to use as a yellow stamp. They can then create a unique piece of art by stamping the potatoes onto a piece of white cardstock- adding googly eyes and antennae to finish it off.

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