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Dec 14, 2023

Bathroom Lighting Fixture Makeovers That Will Save You Money

Want to transform your bathroom lighting fixture without going over budget?

Want to transform your bathroom lighting fixture without going over budget? Whether it's broken or outdated, there are several crafty ways to freshen up a light fixture without making an entirely new purchase. Depending on the quality and number of lights, new sconces may average around $30 to $40 each, while multi-vanity systems may range between $150 to $500. Additionally, custom jobs may quickly spike into the thousands, especially if high-end materials are involved, and paying someone else to design or install your bathroom fixture is another expense. Therefore, you might prefer a small scale DIY project instead to protect your wallet.

How do you envision your new design? Lighting options include ceiling mount, mirror, pendant, wall sconce, recessed, or vanity. For an industrial and/or modern farmhouse look, you might repurpose old cloth lamp shades by removing the original material and touching up their metal frames with a new paint color. Another approach is to simply swap out the existing bulbs for vintage-style or bespoke creations to replace old, dated fixtures that no longer suit the motif of the overall space. Whether you augment the finish or showcase new light bulbs, there's a variety of innovative ways to reestablish passé bathroom light fixtures while saving money.

While this trio of white glass bell-shaped shades are modest and traditional, they appear plain without much character. With an opaque appearance, this type of glass offers a soft glow above the vanity, although the fixture could use a charming, yet modern upgrade.

Keeping the silver metal base unchanged, makeshift shades have been applied with only a few materials from a craft store. Here, three wooden embroidery hoops have been applied as rings around flexible chopping mats, then banded with iron-on edging and glue. You can use wood tint or another paint of your choice for the rings.

A classic bell shape, these mounted vanity lights feature a frosted, marbled design. While they look simple and elegant, the bulbs appear soft and dim through the dense glass shades. A farmhouse flare might make the fixture sparkle.

For a modern farmhouse look, the metal elements were painted black and three clear mason jars were installed with vintage-style LED light bulbs that create an amber glow. Make sure your small or wide-mouth jars fit, secure the lids with epoxy glue on the socket rim, then screw in the new light bulbs and jars.

This old mirror vanity strip may be right for a Vegas show dressing room, but it's looking outdated and corroded on the metal base. With a fresh coat of paint and new set of bright bulbs, the fixture will soon have the potential to shine for all who stand beneath it.

Without removing the fixture from the wall, position and tape newspaper all around, then cover the sockets with tape or tissue and spray paint it thoroughly. For a brilliant look, you might choose a brown or bronze shade of paint as seen here, or a chic dark gray. Incorporate new orb lights to make it simply dazzle.

This dated channel bar vanity light needs a lift into the present day. With two metallic Celtic-style pieces on each end, the fixture is attractive yet needs a modern update. Removing the decorations and enhancing the piece overall may give it more appeal and energy.

Keeping its rectangular essence, a pine board covering has been mounted over vanity lights for a contemporary look. This approach conceals the bulbs while allowing the light to shine through the custom-made design. Apply a cloth of your choice onto a piece of plexiglass or spray with a frosted glass product for the sheen effect.

This retro-style vanity features six glass cube lights all attached within one strip. Clear and radiant, the outdated fixture may be too flashy for modern day. Concealing the light bulbs with a cover or box could provide more mystery and ambiance to the quaint bathroom.

The new structure features 1x6 wooden planks cut to size for a luminary box cover. With the right electrical tools, you could use the original fixture frame to achieve accurate sizing. Carefully install inexpensive outdoor lamp sockets inside while placing a plexiglass or glass piece along the bottom for the ultimate rustic glow.

Although fluorescent lighting typically covers an area sufficiently, its illumination can be too bright and overbearing. These smaller rectangular styles appear to be made more for a business setting than a comfortable home. A flushed mount ceiling light or recessed fixture might subdue the space.

Dual recessed lighting adds a distinctive look here while offering a balance of light to protrude from the designated areas. You can find a recessed lighting kit for about $15. Measure and cut a large piece of drywall to fit within the framing, then cut two circular openings to situate the lights snugly while rewiring the fixture.

Looking dingy and plain, this Hollywood vanity fixture shows its age with rust spots throughout the mirror base and a glaring glow. It might benefit from a new paint job or another way to either conceal or enhance its prominently bright presence.

This handmade crystal chandelier dazzles as it hangs in front of the unaltered vanity. Screw hooks into the ceiling and place a rod across, then tie repurposed garland crystals onto the bar with fishing wire for a gorgeous sparkling sheen. You can glue extra crystal pieces onto the ends of the pole for added bling.

This small bathroom is modern yet basic with an original contractor-installed flush mount dome light placed in the center of the ceiling. While it's practical, the petite space could use some charm. A unique chandelier might add character and warmth to the overall conventional vibe.

An ultimate transformation, this bohemian-style chandelier features neutral-colored wood beads that cascade as a lovely, eye-catching chandelier. You might string beads together yourself using fishing wire or utilize other beaded strands already established. Mount them on wooden hoops or other desirable rings all upon a ceiling mount light fixture for an amazing presentation.

This contemporary chandelier features a silver metal body with white cylinder-shaped shades. While a traditional choice, the light fixture lacks visual appeal as it blends in with the neutrality of the space. A dark conversion may make it stand out more.

The light fixture has been made over with striking cage shades and a black exterior. Spray or hand paint the frame and chain while keeping it attached to the ceiling. Find inexpensive lamp shades to suit the piece or remove material from old ones and paint them black. Install vintage-style light bulbs for an authentic touch.

This old vanity light features a silver art deco-style backplate with large round light bulbs. With several scratches and scuffs present on the metal, the old fixture needs a fresh look. While the layered edging gives character, a new color or style will be ideal.

The new rustic fixture features black iron pipes on a barn wood plank. A rough piece of board would work for the base, or revamp the original portion with brown or black paint. For pipes, you'll need floor flanges, connectors (nipple and 90-degree), and outdoor light sockets. You'll save big on assembling this kind of structure yourself.