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Apr 25, 2023

Dior Forever Glow Primer Review

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.

This recent launch has changed my opinion on priming products.

There was a time when the amount of products I’d happily slather onto my face each morning could tip double figures – and if that sounds absurd, tot up your own arsenal, from moisturiser to setting spray, and come join me in the conspicuous consumption club.

But we’re older now (despite what those creams promised), and with that comes wisdom. We know the 12-step-routine was a moment of collective madness, and we don't need every single product the industry flings into the scrum each month.

However, one thing landed on my desk this month that forced me to U-turn on my less-is-more philosophy. Normally, a new make-up primer launch wouldn't command my immediate attention – I know many people love them, but I just can't see the benefits – however this one was Dior, and I am a sucker for that pleated tissue paper and a weighty, gilded bottle.

Honestly, I’ve never used a primer beyond the testing required to do my job - in the wild, I’m a skin-tint-and-done kind of person. (This skin tint, if you’re interested.)

But Dior's new Forever Skin Glow Veil Radiance Primer promises to illuminate skin, rather than mattify it into oblivion, and that absolutely speaks to my desire to look as youthfully dewy as someone that hasn't been staring at a laptop screen since 2014.

The clear glass bottle reveals a pearly liquid that looks beautiful, but my first impression was that it would only work on the very pale-skinned. However, the formula actually sheers out beautifully, leaving behind only a sheeny, shiny gleam that anyone after added radiance is sure to love.

The brand is keen for us all to know that this primer is 97 per cent natural – but that shouldn't be why you buy it. You’re investing because this milky, cooling primer makes skin look incredible. Think: bright and luminous, but not glittery – no matter how close you squint – and hydrated to the point that your cheeks will almost look moist (sorry).

I’ve been applying it all-over, beneath my usual base, and it both delivers that elusive glow and stops the flaky patches that usually materialise around my retinoid-ravaged jawline come lunchtime. It has a slight smoothing effect, but the focus here is really on radiance – don't expect it to make your pores vanish.

It's also great as a highlighter – use it to spotlight cheekbones without the giveaway glitter – and blended into a heavier foundation to sheer out the pigment.

There are, of course, many products out there that promise to do something similar, but I find most of them end up turning sparkly on skin, no matter how beautifully soft they appear in the tube. Dior's will not manifest disco-ball shimmer, nor will it dry on skin or turn patchy after a few hours of wear. Essentially, if you’re trying to achieve the whole mega-hydrated, angelic baby skin thing, this is just the thing.

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