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Apr 11, 2023

Easier Cleaning and Degreasing Even at the Track

We all recognize the classic WD-40® Multi-Use Product, and its iconic blue and

We all recognize the classic WD-40® Multi-Use Product, and its iconic blue and yellow can. But the WD-40 Brand keeps innovating through its WD-40 Specialist® line of products, which now includes a new solution that actually doesn't come in a can at all! See, there's a new product called the WD-40 Specialist® Degreaser & Cleaner EZ-Pods. You can bring Degreaser & Cleaner EZ-Pods to the track, and when you need to clean up just drop one into a 32-ounce spray bottle filled with water. Or, if you’ve got a really dirty job, you can customize the power of the solution by dropping in a second pod! Give it a shake and you’re ready to degrease and clean on the go. A bag of Degreaser & Cleaner EZ-Pods takes up less space than a can of degreaser or a big bottle of bike wash. Sure, you might have a garage filled with cleaning stuff, but a bag of Degreaser & Cleaner EZ-Pods thrown into a toolbox or gear bag will offer up some quick and portable solutions at the track. Just add water!

Don't worry, Degreaser & Cleaner EZ-Pods are safe on pretty much any surface — they can even be used in the food industry, which definitely has its share of degreasing needs. So, spray down your stuff without worry. Just expect that it's gonna be cleaner, sooner, because now you can do it on the go. Remember how bad it is to clean your bike a week after you rode it? Of course you do. So don't wait.

Degreaser & Cleaner EZ-Pods are intended to save you some time, space and money. But if you’re a traditionalist and want to clean and degrease the regular way, you can still pick up the aerosol WD-40 Specialist Degreaser and the non-aerosol WD-40 Specialist Cleaner and Degreaser. The Degreaser & Cleaner EZ-Pods don't replace those products, they’re just a portable solution and provide customizable degreasing power.

By the way, the H.E.P. Motorsports Suzuki team uses the WD-40 Specialist line of products to maintain the bikes of Ken Roczen, Kyle Chisholm and more. It's cool to see this OG brand backing the sport, and the mechanics appreciate having the products, for sure. The WD-40 Specialist family offers more than a dozen specialized heavy-duty solutions that help pros get the job done right, and you’ll see them in and around the Twisted Tea H.E.P. Suzuki presented by Progressive Insurance truck.

You can also see for yourself by just visiting Amazon.com. Simple as that.

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