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Sep 22, 2023

Warhammer 40K: Leviathan Tyranid Miniatures

We got our Tyranids built from the new Leviathan boxed set and I’ve got some

We got our Tyranids built from the new Leviathan boxed set and I’ve got some tips and thoughts about them. I’m gonna need more bugs.

So we got our hands on the Leviathan box and I, as the Tyranid player, got tasked with the Tyranid models while Goatboy got the Space Marines. Anyhow, we’ve got them all built up and I now I’ve got some tips as well as a question myself.

By now you’ve probably already seen all the minis in the box from Games Workshop. What I want to talk about is the building process and some questions we got about the miniatures. First up, let's talk about the build and what I thought of it and some tips I learned.

Overall, these models are push-fit so building them is pretty straight forward. They aren't super complicated in terms of build or even options. Everything else really only goes together one way based on the sculpt. And there are lots of various sculpts so it's not really a noticeable issue.

I’ve got two general tips to start. The first thing I recommend is using a hobby knife to slice the pipes in the pipe-and-peg part of the push-fit minis. This ensures the air has a way to escape leaving you with a snug fit. I also recommend dry-fitting a model before you glue everything down just to make sure you know how it's supposed to fit.

In terms of specific model tips, one thing I would suggest for the Winged Tyranid Prime is about the wings. Technically, you can glue the wing-arms in after you paint them. That does make it a whole lot easier to paint the wings and get to the underside of the model. That's probably one thing I would have done differently.

The Neurotyrant's back is constructed in layered segments a well. You could probably do something similar in terms of painting each part and them assembling the "sandwich" that is this model. But that's really up to you. I didn't find it too terribly difficult to paint the underside details personally.

As far as building and painting the rest of the models, if you’ve ever built/painted Tyranids before then you already know what to expect. The Screamer-killer was probably the easiest of everything to both build and paint. It's got a big form and lots of easy to reach places to paint. It looks great and it's a super intimidating-looking model.

I’d say the same is also true for the Psychophage. I was a little surprised to see how this one turned out based on the size of the sprue it was on — which is to say it was smaller than I thought it would be.

Okay, so now I get to my one gripe with this box. It comes with TWO Ripper Swarms. And I know, I know…who cares they are Rippers. I get it. Here's the problem I noticed:

A Ripper Swarm is 3-6 models in a unit. So my question was basically "why are these even in the box?" The answer is because they are part of the Termagant Sprues. Basically because you get two sprues worth of Termagants, you get two ripper bases. That makes me wonder if we’re going to see the Termagant box get released as a box of 30. Which…could impact the price down the line.

Also, we got asked about the gaunt bases. The person didn't specify which gaunts as there were 3 different gaunt units…but if you were also wondering here's the answer:

If you’re interested in playing Tyranids then you’ll be happy to know this box is a great start. I think that GW is eventually planning on selling parts of the Leviathan box as the Tyranid Combat Patrol, too. So if you don't have any interest in the Space Marines or don't have a buddy to split the box with you could wait for that product to come out. Although I don't know how long that's going to be…

The Tyranids in Leviathan are looking cool! Do you have a favorite unit?

The Tyranids in Leviathan are looking cool! Do you have a favorite unit?