High Quality Anaerobic Adhesive Glue for Plumbing and Valves


High Quality Anaerobic Adhesive Glue for Plumbing and Valves

High Quality Anaerobic Adhesive Glue for Plumbing and Valves

Overview Product Description Product Introduction: Pipe thread sealants prevent the leakage of gases and liquids. Especi

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Basic Info
Model NO. 565
Bonding Function Liquid Sealing Leak
Morphology Water Emulsion
Application Automobile, Construction, Woodworking, Footwear & Leather, Fiber & Garment, Packing
Material Acrylic
Classification Room Curing
Main Agent Composition Natural Polymer
Characteristic Waterproof
Promoter Composition Curing Agent
Composition Organic Material
Color White
Model No. 565 567 569 577 542 545 554
Capacity 50ml, 250ml
Strength Low Strength
Temperature Minus 54 to 150°c
Features1 General Purpose
Removable Yes
Shelf Life 3-5 Year
Transport Package Box and Carton
Specification 38*38*25cm
Trademark HiGlue
Origin China
Production Capacity 5000000PCS/Year
Product Description

Product Introduction:

Pipe thread sealants prevent the leakage of gases and liquids. Especially suitable for high pressure and low pressure pipeline sealing occasions. These products completely fill the gap between threaded parts, providing an instant, low-pressure seal.

What are the advantages of pipe thread sealant?

1. Anti-corrosion: Since the thread gap glue is filled with colloid, it can prevent the thread part from being corroded by harmful substances
2. Anti-vibration: Even under vibration conditions, it can still prevent the threaded parts from loosening.
3. Easy to operate: Just use an appropriate amount on the parts that need to be locked, and the overflowing glue is easy to clean.
4. No shrinkage: no creep after curing and no blocking of the system.
5. Universal type: It can be widely used in sealing occasions of pipe threads of different sizes.
6. Substitution: It can equivalently replace tape and sealing ointment products.

Product Name:Pipe Thread Sealant
Model No.:565
Strength:Low strength
Temperature:minus 54 to 150°C
Features:General purpose

Typical applications for pipe thread sealants include sealing metal tapered pipe threads and fittings in the chemical processing, petroleum refining, pulp/paper, waste treatment, textile, utility/power generation, marine, automotive, gas compression and distribution industries. Pipe thread sealants are also recommended for plant maintenance.

High Quality Anaerobic Adhesive Glue for Plumbing and Valves

High Quality Anaerobic Adhesive Glue for Plumbing and Valves

UsagePipe Thread Sealant Instructions for Use:
1. Before sizing, clean up the oil on the surface of the sizing part, etc., and dry the surface.
2. When the curing speed is very slow or the gap is large, an accelerator can be used on the surface to speed up the curing speed.
3. For a snug fit, simply apply a bead of glue around the chamfer of the shaft and bushing, turning as you assemble to ensure good application.
4. For a press fit, both surfaces to be bonded need to be fully coated and fitted with proper pressure.
5. For shrink fit, glue should be applied to the shaft, then the sleeve is heated to create enough clearance to fit freely.
6. Do not apply any applications to parts until they have reached sufficient operating strength.

1. When using, be careful not to splash into the eyes and skin. If you accidentally touch it, rinse it with clean water immediately and send it to the hospital for treatment.
2. Pay attention to ventilation when using.
3. Store out of reach of children.
4. Store in a cool and dry place (10°C-22°C).
5. Shelf life: one year
6. When using, it is necessary to take good protection and avoid direct contact with the skin. If it touches the skin, it will cause allergic symptoms. In mild cases, itching and eczema will occur, and in severe cases, it will directly ulcerate.

Relative Products

HiGlue Pipe Thread Sealant Anaerobic adhesive: 545 554 565 567 569 577 542

Product No.CapacityColorStrengthRemovableTemperatureFeatures
54550ml250mlPurpleLow strengthYesminus 54 to 150°C* No pullution of hydraulic system* High lubricity
55450ml250mlRedHigh strengthYesminus 54 to 150°C* Chemical resistance* Excellent solvent resistance
56550ml250mlWhiteLow strengthYesminus 54 to 150°CGeneral purpose
56750ml250mlMilk WhiteLow strengthYesminus 54 to 150°CHigh temperature resistance
56950ml250mlBrownLow strengthYesminus 54 to 150°CHydraulic & Pneumatic sealing
57750ml250mlyellowMedium strengthYesminus 54 to 230°C* Instant low pressure sealing performance* Coarse thread* Thixotropy
Company ProfileJiangxi Gooz Adhesive
We are an innovative enterprise based on research and development, production and marketing. Over 20 years experience helps us take a leading position in adhesive filed. We supply good and stable quality glue for clients all over the world. Now we have a various business network over Middle East, Europe, America, Southeast Asia and our own mainland. And won great reputation among them. We cherish our long term cooperation relationship with old clients, and also looking forward to develop more businesses with new clients.

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1. HiGlue liquid thread locker glue: 222 242 243 262 270 271 272 277 290
2. HiGlue pipe thread sealant: 545 554 565 567 569 577 542 561 L55
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4. HiGlue flange/ plane sealant: 510 515 518 5182 5208 573 574
5. HiGlue silicone rubber: 207 587 593 594 595 596 598 5020 5699 5900
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8. HiGlue epoxy metal putty (Iron, Steel, Aluminum, Copper): 111 112 113 114
9.HiGlue mutil-purpose epoxy putty stick


High Quality Anaerobic Adhesive Glue for Plumbing and Valves

High Quality Anaerobic Adhesive Glue for Plumbing and Valves

High Quality Anaerobic Adhesive Glue for Plumbing and Valves

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