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Jan 06, 2024

17 Cute Crab Activities To Use In Your Classroom

January 10, 2023 // by Amy McInerney Studying crabs in the classroom is a

January 10, 2023 // by Amy McInerney

Studying crabs in the classroom is a great opportunity to introduce students to habitats, adaptations, or marine ecosystems. These 17 fun activities are wonderful ways of extending learning while having fun and incorporating tactile learning. Below you’ll find a collection of ideas that will take your students’ learning to the next level.

This is a perfect activity for young learners. Simply trace their hand to the crab's body and then have them paint a shell for the crab to wear. Pair this with the book A House for Hermit Crab.

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Use this printable template to create crab puppets with your students. Once they’ve cut out the different parts, they’ll need to assemble the crab and will use a popsicle stick to create a puppet.

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This paper plate crab craft is simple enough for young learners, yet challenges them at the same time. Pair this with a read-aloud to get your students interested in crabs! Simply paint half of a paper plate red before gluing on the different body parts.

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Reading books about crabs to your class? Here's the perfect one to share: Eric Carle's A House for Hermit Crab. Students will love this story as well as the beautiful illustrations, and it's a great jumping-off point for their learning!

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Here's a fun craft for kids to engage in that only requires common household items. Grab a styrofoam bowl, construction paper, and red paint, and get to work! The simplicity of this craft makes it a good choice for young students.

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After you’ve read a book about crabs, pair it with this wonderful ocean-themed sensory bin. Using painted beans, shells, and kinetic sand, students will have the opportunity to create their very own little seabed.

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Perfect for cultivating the engineer in your students, this activity encourages students to build a hermit crab house from blocks. Get creative and challenge students to use other materials. This is a great activity if you’re looking to incorporate a STEM activity into your classroom!

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This simple activity is ideal for preschoolers and primary-grade students. Draw a heart shape for the crab's body and have students use dot paint to fill it in. Then, add pipe cleaners and googly eyes to finish off the creation!

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If you’re looking for a colorful crab activity, this one should tickle your fancy! First, download the crab template and trace it onto a piece of construction paper. Cut slits through it and have students weave in another color. Glue googly eyes to the top of the crab to complete!

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There is a yoga pose for everything, and The Crab is tons of fun! Lead your students in this yoga pose as a movement break, or as a way to work their core. They’ll love it!

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Using paper rolls and some googly eyes, you can create this cute crab. Have students roll up red paper and glue it onto a piece of paper. They’ll add claws and legs, as well as two antennae for the eyes.

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Sure to get some giggles from your students, this is a great fine motor activity. Print out the template to get started. Then, cut and create the accordion legs that will attach to the body of the crab. Finish up by adding on eyes and a mouth before letting them walk!

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Pool noodles are the perfect base for a crab. Cut a small piece of pool noodle and stick pipe cleaners in as the legs and antennae. Students will need to follow directions and use their fine motor skills for this activity.

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After reading A House for Hermit Crab, have students do a sequencing activity. They’ll need to recall the order of events in the book and sort the cards in order.

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What better way for students to learn about crabs than to observe one daily? Get a hermit crab as a class pet and have your students set up an appropriate habitat for it. Then, use this resource to do activities that will teach your students about their pets.

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Teach your students about the crab life cycle from egg to adult. Students will need to sort the different stages and then label them to complete their graphic organizer.

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Teach students about the incredible Christmas Island Red Crab and how over 50 million of them migrate across the island each year. Start with the video on National Geographic Kids and extend it to let students do their own research on these amazing creatures.

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