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Jan 04, 2024

These Simple Storage Ideas Make It Easy To Keep Pool Toys Organized

We may receive a commission on purchases made from links. Long hot days and

We may receive a commission on purchases made from links.

Long hot days and rising temperatures are officially on the way and that means hauling out all of your summer gear, including all those exciting, but often bulky pool toys. Storing items in the garage or attic may work for the cold winter months but as soon as the lifejackets and beach towels come out, you'll likely need your pool toys within reach. From noodles to goggles, floaties, rafts, and more, there are a ton of accessories when it comes to fun in the pool, but finding space for them to be accessible and out of the way can be a challenge.

Keeping your swimming pool area neat and organized will not only ensure maximum playtime festivities but can also mean the difference between a cluttered deck or yard and a relaxing paradise at home. If you like to keep your yard in tip-top shape, you may be looking for a way to keep those many pool toys off the ground and safely stored. In addition to an orderly space, pool toys can be the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew to grow because they're always in the water. Although plastic and chlorine might seem like the perfect way to fend off mold, it really comes down to allowing your toys and pool equipment to fully dry after each use. Try out some of these simple storage ideas that will keep the summer fun right at your fingertips, while staying organized and clean.

You've likely seen these corner nets in the kid's department. That's because they're often used for stuffed animals and other small toys in bedrooms and playrooms. They are meant to hang in the corner of a room and do a great job keeping items off the floor and out of the way. Mesh nets are an excellent way to stay organized and also free up floor space, and they will work just as well for wet pool toys and other accessories.

The holes in the net allow plenty of air to flow through and help damp pool toys dry off quickly, preventing that dreaded mildew from growing. If you have a fence around your pool, you can hang these in the corner, or they'll fit in the corner of a garage or shed as well. Keeping your toys off the ground will help them dry out, but will also keep certain items out of reach and will free up the corner of your garage for other storage items. This inexpensive option isn't permanent and can easily be moved or taken down at the end of the season. With outdoor toys, it's always better to choose a darker color rather than a white net that will quickly get dirty.

From Adirondack chairs to lounge chairs, there are endless options when it comes to outdoor seating, but why not kill two birds with one stone? Multipurpose storage options are a favorite when there never seems to be enough seating and you like to stay organized. This year, consider a comfortable bench that is great for lounging but also opens to a storage area underneath. An investment like this is worth the extra money, as it will hide away unattractive pool toys when you're entertaining and also provide extra seating.

There are a variety of benches to choose from that all serve two purposes. The Forty Gallon Rattan Outdoor Storage Bench with Cushion from Home Depot is both stylish and functional. The spacious storage area will easily fit goggles, flippers, and smaller pool floats, plus the cushion is great for taking a rest after a long swim. A sturdy build and weatherproof materials will keep the bench looking good throughout the seasons and damp pool accessories won't cause any damage. For an even more discreet option, the Leisure Season Bench with Storage looks like another addition to your deck furniture but still provides plenty of storage.

If you have enough benches, you can also find storage ottomans and even low tables that transform into extra storage. This option is a little more pricey, but the investment can easily allow you to transform your backyard from a kid's play area to a sophisticated spot for entertaining guests. Have the best of both worlds with the right piece of furniture and never trip over another pool toy again.

Racks and baskets are frequently used for storing food and spices, or even cleaning supplies, but this option is another clever way to utilize unused space in your garage, outdoor shed, or even in your mudroom. For smaller toys, such as diving sticks, pool rings, goggles, balls, and more, install an over-the-door wire rack with baskets to keep items off the ground and out of the yard. The baskets can be as wide as the door and will hold a decent amount of toys without taking up too much space. When searching, find wire baskets that are coated in rubber or made with sturdy wire. These will work best for wet toys. The metal will not rust even if they're frequently damp, and the slits in the baskets will let water drain out and air to flow through.

These racks are often inexpensive and a breeze to install. Once you assemble the parts, most of them have hooks that simply rest over the top of the door and hang securely in place. You can even adjust how high or low the baskets are if you need to keep certain items out of reach or low enough for little arms. Opt for slightly deeper baskets that are wider for pool toys. At the end of the season when you pack up your summer gear, you can remove the racks or use the storage space for other seasonal items.

A variety of rubber-coated hooks can also be a great way to organize oversized pool toys in your garage or tool shed. This option will keep items off the ground and the rubber coating will prevent fragile materials like pool floats from tearing. Uncovered hooks, or metal "S" hooks can also work; however, the extra coating is worth the extra dollars to avoid rust and to keep sharp edges away from your toys. Keeping these delicate items out of the way can prevent them from getting damaged or stepped on. Place a few hooks lower down and they're perfect for hanging goggles, flippers, and other small items. For larger flotation devices or rafts, space out hooks a little higher up. A step stool nearby will make hanging and rehanging simple.

Installing metal tracks on the wall can also make adjusting the spacing a simple task, depending on what you need to hang. Check out several inexpensive options on Amazon, but if you want to invest in a quality set, consider the Rubbermaid 20-Piece FastTrack Garage Wall-Mounted Storage Kit. With a mixture of hooks and racks, you can transform an empty garage wall into a perfectly organized storage unit.

Not every storage option has a luxury look, but repurposing a plastic laundry basket is an inexpensive and sustainable way to organize your pool toys. This trick works best when you have some extra space in your garage or tool shed and want to keep unruly items in order. Choose one or a couple of tall laundry baskets that are about waist-high and attach them side by side with a few zip ties. In just a few minutes, you have a toy organizer that will keep your space tidy.

Taller baskets are perfect for longer items that perhaps won't fit in a storage bench or tend to fall over. You can stand longer pool nets, pool noodles, and even certain floaties in the baskets. The water will drain out of the holes in the baskets and keep your items dry. If you don't have a plastic basket or if you want to save even more money you can also get a mesh collapsible hamper. These are only a couple of dollars and you can easily stow them away during the cooler months.

Clotheslines were once found in nearly every yard, but since the need for them has slowly faded, not everyone has one on hand. Yet, they can be extremely useful in the summertime around your pool. A portable clothesline can easily be strung up between two trees or the ends of your fence. You can then hang towels, goggles, swimming gear, lifejackets, and more over the line to dry. For larger items, such as floats and other toys, you can clip the item to the line to keep them off the ground.

This storage option doesn't do much in the way of hiding your pool toys, but if you aren't worried about that, it's an easy solution. A clothesline will come in handy for wet towels and bathing suits but they will help other items dry in a hurry as well.

Nothing seems to inspire DIYers more than wooden pallets. That's because they tend to be readily available compared to other types of lumber that seem to only be rising in price. You may have an old pallet lying around your yard, but if not, they can typically be found all over town and they can easily be transformed into storage for pool items. Pallets can often be found stacked near dumpsters behind grocery stores, department stores, pet stores, and more. Most of the time, if you can haul them, you can have them. From there, you can remove a few boards, tack on a few hooks, screw in some wheels, or bolt them to a fence for a very low-cost, no-hassle storage rack.

When it comes to pallets, you can simply stand them up or lean them against a fence and stick pool noodles and long nets through the slits. Next, you can attach a few hooks to hang towels and place baskets on top for smaller toys on this ready-made shelf. If you are planning to repurpose a wooden pallet, you may want to consider sanding down the rough edges. Splinters can prick your fingers and wreak havoc on your flotation toys. In addition, a coat of paint can also transform the look of your storage rack. Be bold with fun, summery colors, or paint it to blend with your fence or other furniture.

Wooden shaker pegs are an inexpensive and extremely simple way to transform your wooden fence into the perfect storage area. At just about fifteen dollars, you can purchase 24 pegs that don't require any special equipment to install. Simply use a little force and twist these pegs into your wooden fence by hand. These are excellent for wooden fences, or wooden doors, but don't attempt to use them on other fence materials. Additionally, be sure that the screws are not longer than the width of the boards, or they could poke through the other side and become dangerous.

When placing the pegs, space them out about every two feet to easily hang inner tubes, and other rafts right along your fence. You can also hang mesh baskets, hammocks, and other storage items without permanently applying them to your fence as well. That means you can remove these items at the end of the season and the pegs will hardly be noticeable against your fence. You can later use these pegs to hang swimwear, towels, or even decorations, such as string lights or signs.

Do you have an old ladder lying around or have you upgraded your blanket ladder? Repurpose a ladder for your pool area. A blanket ladder can work just as well for drying out towels and swimsuits. Spruce up an old ladder with some paint and a protective layer to ward off weather damage and prop it up in the corner of your pool area. After a long day of fun, you can also hang goggles, swim caps, arm floaties, and other pool toys on the rungs.

If you don't have an old ladder, making one can be a simple project for DIYers. Begin by buying some pre-cut furring strip board or even some thicker wooden dowels. Some finishing nails and some wood glue are the only other materials that you'll need if you're keeping the project simple. With just six pieces of wood, you can build a decent ladder that will hold a surprising amount of towels. Consider how low items will hang when placing the last rung on the ladder. Additionally, at the top, you can attach a few screw hooks for even more storage. Hang a mesh bag for extra toys on the side and for just a few dollars your pool toys are organized and confined to one space. You can even move the ladder into your garage or shed if you don't like the look of it.

Various types of carts can work perfectly for storing pool toys. A sports ball cart typically comes with wheels, making it easy to wheel out when it's needed and just as easy to hide it away at the end of the day or season. In addition, they are typically tall enough to accommodate longer items like noodles and pool nets. The cage-like build allows you and your family to see what's inside the cart and the openings will allow the toys to dry properly. The water will drain through the gaps and leave you with ready-to-use toys.

If you're shopping for the right cart, search for one that is at least waist-high. This will keep longer items from falling over. In addition, some carts have bungee cords that are flexible and great for even odd-shaped toys. The cart will hold a variety of items, plus the bars will make it easy to hang towels/swimsuits or to hang baskets for smaller toys. When your yard is feeling a little cluttered, you can gather up the pool toys and wheel them away, hassle-free.

For those of you with a knack for DIY projects, you can easily transform spare pieces of PVC pipe into a pool toy organizer that is inexpensive and sturdy. Depending on what you need to store, you can get creative with pipes to make a type of rack or storage box. This is a great option if you have a large collection of pool floats and rafts that tend to blow away or get left in the pool. A larger box or rack can fit multiple rafts if they are stacked up and if built without a solid bottom, the water will easily drain away. Not to mention the pipes will hold up very well in the weather.

If a cart isn't exactly what you need, you might try creating a towel rack or another type of ladder out of PVC pipe. If you build the ladder at a slanted angle you can stand pool floats up between the pipes and hang towels on the lower rungs. PVC pipes are usually inexpensive, they will last a long time, and they can be flexible for your designs. The pipe is simple to cut and you can create corners with curved attachments and just a bit of glue or sealant. The pipes are also lightweight, which means you can move whatever you build around your yard or simply pack it away at the end of the summer. Don't be afraid to get creative and build something that suits your individual needs!